Sa.11.11.06 wb13 presents Stagerider Booking Labelnacht

by alion

Am Sonnabend den 11.11. live bei uns in Farbe:

Flyer amiens false Friends

Frisch, neu und unglaublich talentiert. Mit ihrem drückenden Sound und ihrer unglaublichen Energie sind sie drauf und dran die Punk Rock Szene in Berlin ordentlich aufzumischen. Schneller und technisch anspruchsvoller Skate Punk, so wie er sein sollte.

sind Schnell, verdammt schnell, hart aber melodiös und voller energie. ..their music combines high speed with melodic parts, constantly pushing forward. That’s there punkrock-philosophy! Not one of them despises that pop-punk-thing, but their musical roots definitly lie in hard, fast and technical punkrock.

F3 This journey started in summer 2002 when three friends decided to do what they love. We picked up our instruments and began to play music which you may easily call punkrock. We did it for fun and we still do but over the years this band became one of the most important things in our lives. It really affects our everyday-life and we love this band from the bottom of our hearts. We truly love playing live and I guess that is what you can see.

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